Friday, October 2, 2009

Rocky Retreat

At the Retreat I taught 3 classes - Breaking the Drought, Aurora and Atlantis. I was so impressed by my students enthusiasm and stamina. Here is Kerry who admitted she was definitely out of her usual comfort zone in terms of mess and randomness but she has told me she has recovered and really likes her Atlantis quilt which is for her mother.
The one above is Laurie's Breaking the Drought - can't wait to see that one finished.

Here are some Auroras - bit shady under the palms.

Classes started early (8:30) but most students were already sewing by 8am and went well past the 'official' end time. Some even went back after dinner and sewed till 10 or 11pm or until the security guard threw them out. I think wine and lollies helped the night owls energy levels.

The school we were based in had very lush landscaping and I loved these seeds. I was told what the tree was called and evidently the berries are full of nasty things and make you itch. Aren't the red ones great amongst the green?

We ate at the school boarders cafeteria and there was never any shortage of food. Most of it designed for hungry teenagers but there was always enough choice for even the fussiest of eaters.

And you can't go to Queensland without seeing a cane toad. Luckily for me - this one was well and truely dead.

So you can see we had great fun and we produced some incredible quilts. If you are interested in me running some workshops for a Retreat or Quilting group or store please have a look at my Workshop Flyer for 2010 and contact me if you are interested and want more info.

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