Friday, October 9, 2009

Website Update

This is the piece inspired by one of the Ikats from the gallery. I have a tied and dyed a couple of 2m lengths of striped fabric and one just of purple. I really do have to do something with them but will cogitate for a while.

I have just had some works done on the Dyed & Gone to Heaven Website as I have been thinking about the format for a while - especially the thumbnails. Funny the things you worry about. I thought they were too small and so they are now larger and a bit clearer. The main image is also bigger. Would love to know what you think. If you do comment and need an answer you will need to make sure your email address is included as most of the comments (which I love to get) come through with no contact details so I can't respond.

I have also added some new colour runs which we have had for a while but never made it to the website but I am trying to get a bit more organised.

Here are a couple of them
Yummy chocolate - what other name could you call this great collection of browns

Gorgeous Blue Greens

Much better photos of the 12 step Rainbow sets - Bold and Bright

Off on a plane again to Latrobe Valley Quilters Retreat. Looking forward to some clean country air but not the cold.

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Judy said...


Lovely new colours and love especially the Chocolate ones.The tie dyed inspired by the Ikats is beauitiful. Also received my 1metre Club this morning very unusual and very, very yummy.