Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special Day

Yesterday was a significant birthday for Peter and our wonderful daughter Sarah and her partner Matthew took us to Testuyas for lunch. This restaurant is undoubtably one of the best in Australia and is booked out for months ahead so we felt really special to be going.

It didn't disappoint and we had the 13 course degustation menu which was surprise after surprise with delicate morsels of such perfection you just wanted to preserve them.

I was not the only one taking photos of every new surprise and the service and ambiance brilliantly enhanced the wonderful feast.

Above is a photo of Tetsuyas signature dish of Ocean Salmon with Konbu, Apple & Daikon salad

Below is smoked ocean trout and Avruga caviar

One of the two main courses was Grass fed Angus beef with Asian mushrooms - if it had been acceptable to pick the plate up and lick it I would have.

This was described as a transitional course between main course and desserts (3) and was Cannelini Beans with Mascapone and Caramel

Summer pudding with white chocolate mousse

As a special treat Sarah even allowed me to take a photo of her with Peter.

Thank you Sarah for a wonderful day.


Lindi said...

Wow! That will certainly be an occasion that will live in your memories!

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The tribe of six said...

What a special occasion- glad you had a great time!
I am currently binding my first cut-out magic quilt with the fabric I bought from your sale. Our 8yr old also made some paper templates and then a 1 patch miniquilt for his classroom teacher. It is such a great comcept- well done! If I could work out how to send you some photos I would! Cheers,