Monday, January 4, 2010

Gum Blossoms

We have a small gum tree that is just coming into bloom. I love the different stages it goes through.

First the buds are green and then they turn pink including the stalks.

Then the little tops pop off and then the blossoms spring out like fairy wings.

Finally they grow and grow and turn into these wonderful gum nuts.

Isn't it a beautiful thing to watch.


Maria said...

Yes Lisa they are gorgeous. That is why we have planted many different speices on our block.After nearly 10yrs many have grown into lovely big trees.

Maria said...
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Sally Westcott said...

Have you ever lived with an elderly flowering gum tree?

When they flower, you are showered on gum nut caps!

In a past life, my back yard looked like snow had fallen when the White Gume flowered! It only happened every 7 years, but a snow storm ensued! The noise was amazing a well! You could hear thecaps being blown off!

I wish I had been a quilter then. How sad!


Kate said...

Lisa - I so totally agree - I have a big tree out the front of my place and I have taken so many photos of the blossoms - they are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never actually seen gum trees or their flowers and your post made me think of kookaburras because of the song. Thanks for posting pictures. They are beautiful.

Leah Day said...

I've never heard of this tree before (we probably don't have them here in the US).

This may be a horribly stupid question, but can you eat the gum nuts?

Even if you can't eat them, the flower sure is gorgeous!



Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful! Love the flowering gums ....... and the smell!

downunderdale said...

do I see a work of art coming on?

Mary-anne said...

Looking for Snugglepot and Cuddle pie amongst those blossoms.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do tell about Snugglepot and Cuddle pie. Please.