Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well Osaka was certainly more manageable than Tokyo and we started out well by buying one of their tourist passes which gets you into lots of 'attractions' in the city. But again we were thwarted by distance and walking requirements. This was my Bento box on the train and only about $10

Did get to the Osaka Castle which was pretty impressive but again - most of the signs and information were in Japanese so we missed quite a bit.

The Osaka Aqaurium was very impressive but note for prospective visitors - don't try and be there at opening time - that is when all the school groups arrive too. It is far too crowded and noisy at the top before you walk all the way down. We stopped and went back to the top after about 1/2 hour and got to walk down again in relative peace. These giant crabs were 'dancing' I think and were bigger than a human head.

Loved the infants groups though - so cute and they really enjoyed the large fish

We stayed in a hotel which was only on two floors of a building and our room was a cross between Western and Japanese with proper mattress but on the raised floor and tatami mats in the living room section with a low table and legless chairs. The windows were covered at night by sliding bamboo screens. All pretty roomy (except the ceilings were quite low) but difficult for our aged bodies to get up and down from the floor and beds

This was one of the food streets just nearby our hotel - I loved the lights

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Amo House said...

All looks lovely Lisa. I guess it wouldn't be a good place to visit with a 6' 3" husband with dodgy knees and a slight tendency to claustrophobia. I'll just keep looking at your photos.