Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back Again

Sorry for those who think I have dropped off the edge of the world. I am so amazed when people write and ask if I am OK. Thanks for your concern but I have just been so busy and travelling and teaching.

I am now in Melbourne and have set up for the Quilt and Craft Fair which opens tomorrow. Please drop by if you are at the Show. We are in Aisle D.

For the last two weeks I have been teaching all over the place. First I was at the wonderful Quilt Encounter in Adelaide which attracts over 200 very keen quilters and my classes were terrific. We had the luxury of two days for the workshops instead of one and most of the students actually bound their Aurora quilts and were very keen to start beading them. This is the first class and they certainly seemed very happy.

Great venue, lots of food, many laughs and good times. I gave a presentation one night and was beset by very funny technical issues but it was really fun.

I then went to Geelong where again , I gave a presentation to the local Patchwork & Quilting guild and then a workshop the next day. I also taught my Creative Beading workshop to the Geelong Embroiderers Guild. I was a bit nervous as I am always in awe of embroiderers and their skills but they were friendly and welcoming and we had a great day. This made me realise that perhaps there might be other Embroiderers groups that might be interested in a workshop so if you belong to one and think you might be interested - please contact me.

I was also shown around Geelong where I had never been. I loved the bollards on the waterfront

And what are those things in the first photo - they are old buoys which are now installed on the foreshore and look terrific. I can see a stamp in the making - great shapes. Don't they look like big buttons?


Sally Westcott said...

Sad you didn't come to Hobart! The credit card was ready!

Enjoy Melbourne and have the best time in the US! Luv you heaps.


Sally - been beading!

daisy said...

You have so interesting and colour life, i enjoy your pictures.

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