Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be Creative Retreat - Coffs Harbour

I have been teaching my new Textured Treasures workshop at Coffs Harbour for the last three days and have had so much fun. The idea of this workshop is to create a quilt using your own inspiration - it can be a landscape or texture or shapes. We then explore many surface design techniques to use as a basis for our final quilt. Rowena's seaside landscape above is developing beautifully.

This was the first time I have run this workshop but my students were so terrific that they were happy to join me for the experience. 14 students over a three day class can be fairly intimidating but the time went so fast.

We were nervous of ruining the carpet so had half a day outside painting and stamping and stencilling.

We beaded, stamped, collaged, fused and quilted and here are a few of the magnificent pieces.

Fiona and Wendy did landscapes based on their own images. Now to bead them for more added texture

Keryn was working outside her usual comfort zone but creatively turned this image of a cactus garden into a beautiful quilt. She carved stamps of the cactus and the main border fabric is a fabric made in Africa given to her by her brother many years ago and has special significance.

More tomorrow

This is similar to my Orvieto workshop and there are still places to join us in September.


Judy said...


You all look as if you are having great fun, many original quilts shaping up as well.

Wendy said...

It was a magic workshop. Learnt so much. Thankyou Lisa. It was truly amazing how we all got along so well and made the experience so much fun. Hope to do another of your workshops nest year - Wendy

daisy said...

The workshop is so enjoy your work very much. the works is so delicate.

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