Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday I had a weird experience when, on a whim, I decided to have my eyebrows shaped as they were resembling hairy caterpillers.

As I lay there holding my eyebrows taught I suddenly felt a weird experience. I couldn't work it out so I had to ask. She then showed me how she was doing it with string.

I had to find out more about this technique so thought I would show you too.

I must say though - that they do look much better than any other waxing or plucking job I've had done. And no - that is not me in the picture - wish it was.


camcas said...

yep-that's called really are a hip cool trendy mama Lisa!!!!LOL!!!!

Rashida Khanbhai said...

Hi Lisa, Yes this method of doing eyebrows and upperlip is quite common in India. I am amazed that beauticians here don't know about it.