Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Antonio

Early start in Houston
I was lucky enough to go on a post show tour to the Alamo and San Antonio so wanted to share some of the things which took my fancy.
As usual - I don't usually take the tourist type snaps. I am more interested in colour and shape and textures as well as food and of course what I find quirky.
I was very fascinated with the total domination of Starbucks even to the point of cardboard boxes with taps (just like our wine casks) on the bus.

We stopped at Bucees for a break on the way - it is evidently most famous for its restrooms!

Not sure why they have this - is this a good thing?

Although it had a very impressive range of food and drinks and souvenirs.

The Alamo was interesting and now I know more about it than I ever thought necessary but I do understand its significance now. The sculpture was really interesting.

I preferred looking at it at night. Less people around.

It was all a bit touristy for me including these coaches parked outside my hotel room

I did resist buying these boots

This amazing light was in a glass shop on the way to the restaurant. Shades of Chiguley but not one of his. It was about 2m high and I expect well out of my price range.

The only thing I did buy was this set of vintage letters at a shop called Found in La Villita in San Antonio. They did have some numbers too - why didn't I buy them as well????

We did go to three quilt shops during the tour. I really enjoyed Creations in Kerrville as it had the best range of fabrics and notions and patterns I had seen. It catered for all tastes - even Art Quilters which was rare in the other ones I had visited. I even bought some fabric which is unusual for me.

Ah well - the adventure is over - I am now home with lots of goodies and information and inspiration and memories. Now the work begins.


Sue in Melbourne said...

The Alamo sounds good Lisa. Like your photos too.
Can't understand how you could of resisted buying those red boots! :D

camcas said...

Absolutely shoulda got the will now have a lifetime regret!!!!!LOL!!!!

Sally Westcott said...

Welcome home Lisa!

Carolyn said...

Lisa I did this trip with my friend Pam back in 2007, not organised just 2 Aussies traveling after Houston. We took ourselves on a tour of all the Fransican Missions and although the Alamo was wonderful it was the other Missions I found touching. It was here that we met lots of Americans who put us onto great things to see in San Antonio. Away from all the tourist hype this is a great city with a wonderful history.

Congratulations on your scholarship win as well. It is well deserved.

Suzanne said...

I enjoy your non-tourist photos of your adventures...thank you for sharing!

Anne said...

$11 USD is a very good minimum wage, usually it's a lot less than that, my daughter got $9.25 this summer at a snack bar.

Love the boots!