Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creative Day

I had the best day today with a group of friends and students who are working with me on a major project.

We played and talked and demonstrated and learnt and of course ate yummy food.

There is nothing like spending a day with like minded souls with a common goal. I am looking forward to the coming months.


Helen Conway said...

Oh Oh, I see common friends in your house! No, I mean friends that we have in common... you know what I mean. Anyway I wish I could have been there. Assuming I would have been invited that is, not wanting to assume anything.. Sigh. I thought I'd just quickly leave a nice comment but somehow it got all complicated!

Kt said...

Is that a Gocco? I have one I haven't used yet... itching to have a go.

Lisa Walton said...

Yes it was a Gocco - Sally bought it up for us to play with and we are now all very excited about using our images as screens.