Friday, December 17, 2010


I have had an interesting week.

I started out with the intention of commencing my first exhibition quilt. I had the inspiration, the colours, the theme, the style. Everything except the design! I played and played and cursed and fretted. Maybe I can't do this, maybe it will all be a disaster , maybe I am a failure..........

So I  sought the advice of a good friend whose opinion and advice I value (aren't I lucky to have Jenny Bowker as a friend?). She told me to stop thinking about it and do something else. What! I thought - my studio is full of stuff and good intentions and more stuff - there must be something I can do!

So I grabbed a pile of fabrics that I found by accident in one of my multitude of drawers and discovered an interesting collection of painted and stamped fabrics. Actually I found two sets but the one above grabbed my attention first.

I then realised that with the addition of some recent bits and pieces including some of my new wools and metallic painted fabrics and other goodies I had the makings of something interesting.

So for two days I cut and slashed and sewed and quilted and have come up with this!
I quilted it with Wonderfil Spaghetti  which I bought a while ago as I loved the colour range. They are 12 weight and can be stitched from the top - needed the 110/16 topstitch needle. 

I really like it and it has given me a whole lot of ideas for other projects including using the other pile of discovered fabrics.
But it does need a few beads I think....


Sally Westcott said...

Wow Lisa! That is brilliant - I love the quilting!

(Ad you are most difinitely not a failure!)


Kate said...

Of COURSE it needs some beads. lol

Suzanne said...

Love the whole thing!