Sunday, January 2, 2011

Somewhere Different

Today we went to an Antique and Collectable Fair just for a look. Not usually our sort of thing as I am really trying to declutter but it was interesting all the same.

These pencil cases brought back memories
I always look at Babushka dolls as my friend Pennie has a brilliant collection but I don't think she wants any more
I was interested to see the actual real magazine with this famous cover shot. I saw the photo in an exhibition along with many other famous National Geographic images a couple of years ago along with a photo of the same woman when the photographer found her years later. Those eyes are so haunting.
Lots of vintage textile bits and pieces too. They were even selling the empty boxes.
 If I was into embroidery I might have been interested in some of these.
 All in all it was an interesting view into another group of obsessives.


Amo said...

Very admirable restraint Lisa!!!

Pennie and David said...

I've got some of those actually (Charlie's favourite word at the moment) and I'm not interested in pretty ones any more.. but if you were to find a Kevin Rudd with a Julia inside or even a Julia with a Kevin inside... that would open my purse strings!!

ozjane said...

Oh dear I still have one of those wooden pencil cases somewhere,,,,
Do I put it on ebay???LOL

Suzanne said...

I like going to fairs and craft booths just to get some inspiration sometimes. I remember the pencil boxes too!