Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonderful Quilts

My friend Rebekah came over the other day with a couple of quilts made from my fabrics and pattern.
Above is her version of Power of Three with a different colourway - isn't it brilliant?
Also she made a fabulous tree quilt using one of her Monthly Metre fabrics and really interesting three dimensional leaves.

And if you are interested - this is the March fabric and bead set which I have just sent out. Still a few pieces left if you just have to have some.


smithcat said...

both of you are very talented!

Judy said...


Love your friend Rebekah's quilt, the Power of Three is stunning, and the Tree quilt is a knock out. the March fabric and bead set is luscious I,m drooling over it pink is among my favourite colours.

write my essay said...

very beautiful!