Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finished at Last

I have achieved two milestones this week based around the same quilt.
I have finally finished my Gaudi inspired quilt which I have called Gaudi Star which is part of my Houston Exhibition and was previewed here in little bits and pieces a few weeks ago.

I was such a breeze to quilt on my Handiquilter Sweet 16 that I didn't want to stop
And the second milestone is that this quilt was also my final assessment piece for my City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Course Level 3 which I have been doing for over two years. And it has passed!

I am notoriously bad at finishing courses - even with the best will in the world so this one has been happening in the background and at a snail's pace forever. I am so lucky that my tutor Marie Roper has been a patient and encouraging person. I did the course through Linda and Laura Kemshall's Design Matters in the UK and can not speak highly enough about their inspiration and encouragement. I love their Design Matter TV as well and if you join up - please let them know that I recommended it - you'll love it.


Julia in NZ said...


The painting transforms it - love the jewel colours. I also have photos of those paving patterns, and I am amazed at your screens from them.

Congrats on the show and the final assessment. You have inspired me to enrol with the Kemshalls, which I have dithered about for ages. Now the pound is so low against both our dollars, it's a good time.

Sally Westcott said...

Congratulations Lisa! The quilt is great! (Ah to have a sweet 16. 6hours yesterday of quilting small buubles nearly killered me!)

Well done getting to the end of the course (I'm up to mudule 3 of 8 - it seems never ending at the moment).


Sue in Melbourne said...

It's beautiful Lisa. Well done! Love the colours.
Now because of you I bought a sweet 16 on Friday. Can you believe it, I signed up on Thursday to do the City & Guilds course! I didn't know you were doing it. Amazing! :) I am stalking you without knowing it!

Lindi said...

Oh wow, Lisa! It was certainly worth all that work and angst. It's beautiful.
Congrats on passing your course, too! You're a star and an inspiration to us lesser mortals! :)

Princess of The Golden Thread said...

That's a faaaabuuuuloussss! quilt Lisa, Well done! You are so inspiring. Congratulations on finishing the City and Guilds course too. Quite an achievement.

Brenda said...

Gorgeous - it just glows.

Stacy Hurt said...

Lisa, that is amazing! All the work in that and it just radiates those yummy colors! Well done!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Lisa this is stunning and absolutely deserves to be a major prize winner! and congrats on finishing...well done! Hugs, Sarah