Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Landscape Quilt

My other current exhibition quilt project is a landscape quilt which has been based on this gorgeous photo of the River Murray by my friend Rita in Port Lincoln.

First I layered down lots of fabric scraps and wool rovings and yarns and I am now  at the quilting stage which is done over a layer of water soluble stabiliser.
I have been so fortunate to receive some more fabulous Aurifil threads - this time the Aurilux polyester variagated range. Perfect for those mixed areas.
 And I needed to top up my range of browns too.
Here it is on the wall about 2/3 quilted. It is looking cloudy as the stabiliser is sort of opaque but still clear enough for me to see what is underneath. It is 50in x 50in.
Here is some of the quilting underway with the Sweet 16 Handiquilter. I just can't stop.

Not long to go now before I can wash away the stabiliser.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous quilt and an ah-ha way to stabilize and FMQ with textural fiber on your quilt. Much better than tulle that doesn't wash away. How do you afix the stabilizer--do you use a hoop or just lay it on? I love your FMQing as well. BTW it looks like your subscribe drop-down window goes below the next thing on your side bar and I can't subscribe with Atom. Is there a fix for that? I would like to subscribe. Thanks.
Sally in Seattle

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks so much Sally.
I can see all of the subscribe button (even the Atom one) on my laptop but maybe I have the viewing size set differently. Have you tried making it larger?

cathie said...

I cannot wait to see the quilt once the stabiliser is washed away.
Yet another inspiration to add to my "bucket" list of quilts to be created! Oh, for an eighth day in the week- not to rest, but to create!

Lisa Walton said...

Stabiliser is now gone - some more embellishment work with couching and beads to go now but is it is looking good.

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