Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Been Busy

It is a week since I last posted which is very naughty but I have been snowed under with work for my Houston Exhibition. With everything finally coming together and so much paperwork I am going mad but the quilts that my students have made for the exhibition are really wonderful.

I also had  great weekend teaching at Forster/Tuncurry (above) on the north coast which was a really beautiful place and it was great just to breathe the fresh air and watch the pelicans.

I taught my Textured Treasures workshop and as I usually do demonstrations of each technique I thought it would be silly not to have an idea in the back of my head to use some of the lovely pieces which get created. Even workshop samples should have some thought behind them.

So I have an idea for a Venetian inspired quilt as I just love Venice and we spent a week there after Orvieto last year. I took so many photos and I was really drawn to the amazing window and door shapes. This little collage is a small representation of some of them.
So while i was demonstrating I had these shapes in mind which is exactly the sort of thing I encourage my students to do too.

Using Wet and Grow - I cut this stamp with a craft knife and then popped it in water and it expanded immediately.

I stamped with a gold acrylic paint and when it was dry I overpainted it with transparent paints. I really like the effect and now I am tempted to just quilt this piece all by itself. I can always make more can't I?

I also drew a freehand window design on an Ezy Carve block which printed up quite nicely too. I like to create these stamps freehand as it gives my work my handmade feel.
I think my students had a great time and some of the work they produced was amazing. I can definitely see some incredible quilts happening.
As we left the next day we drove along the river and the morning was so calm that the reflections were just perfect.

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Paxton said...

This looks so peaceful and relaxing, Lisa! Would have given anything to have been part of your class too - those ladies certainly look like they are having great fun! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I do not do Facebook-can't you cross post? Many people my age, middle 60's , do not care to give up time to another on line thing.

Pam in SW Fl who is in your class in Houston

Sue Andrus said...

I really wish I was able to get to Houston this year, but not....

I see why you would want to create a quilt with inspiration from your window photos... Lots of great shapes and textures.

jobs writing said...

thanks a lot fit he post! i liked it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Walton said...

Sorry Pam - I do try to cross post when I can but find that sometimes it is quicker and more immediate when I post to Facebook. The curse of all the choices available to us. Anyway I am really looking forward to meeting you in Houston at my workshop.