Sunday, August 7, 2011

Orvieto Quilt

I am now working on my next quilt for my Houston Exhibition and it is based on my time in Orvieto Italy last year where I spent a wonderful week teaching my Textured Treasures workshop. I also had time to create my own fabrics and get amazing inspiration and this quilt is one of the results.
I pieced lots of fabrics together fairly simply. I either painted or stamped or rubbed or foiled nearly all of these fabrics during my time there and they are coming together beautifully.
I now want to overlay a design somehow and the image I have developed is based on this metal grill over a doorway.

I wanted it circular so have repeated it and then drawn a line drawing from it.

Now to get it onto the quilt. I have had a few ideas including discharge and line quilting and overlay. Each has been explored and tested so still not sure what the end result will be.

But I am really enjoying the journey.

And if you are inspired - I am returning to Orvieto next year - September 2012 and would love to have you join me. More information here.

I have been posting progress on my new facebook page and have decided to give away some cotton sateens every time my page reaches a milestone of 200, 300 etc so come on over and 'like' the page to be in the draw. Handy hint -- the like button in in small type on the left hand side. Here is the link


Suzanne said...

Beautiful....absolutely beautiful!

Robbie said...

I am Intrigued to see the 'finish' on this quilt top! Really a nice piece!!

Adventures in Italy said...

We are so lucky and excited to have you return with Adventures in Italy for another week of inspired Textile deliciousness. Your Orvieto quilt is truly filled with the textures and influences of Italy. The wrought iron detail will be the crowning jewel. All are welcome to join Lisa for a trip of a lifetime! Bill and Kristi Steiner

essays said...

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