Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rockhampton Retreat

Just back from my third visit to the Rocky Retreat in Rockhampton Queensland.
Always a fun retreat and I have so many friends there it is wonderful. As usual they made me feel welcome from the start.

We did my favourite workshop - Textured Treasures and the fabrics that were created from just white poplin were incredible. We played with Fabric Painting, Stamping (including carving their own stamps), rubbing, foiling, beading, stencils, paintsticks, sun printing, salt effects and other techniques. It was such a beautiful weather that we moved our tables outside for all the messy stuff.

Then they started stitching them together to create an absolutely original art quilt. Here are some of them.
Sue thought she was really out of her comfort zone but her work was wonderful
Gloria just kept laughing as she pieced saying how much fun it was. 
Joyce used a resist technique with glue to create her words
 These are Maureen's cushion tops
 Alexis added some gorgeous foils to her top which really made it sparkle.
 Margaret's water inspired fabrics looks so gorgeous as they get stitched together
 I love the blue and green swirls in Lyn's fabric
I can't wait till they send me pictures of their quilted masterpieces.
Would you like to do this workshop too - just contact me


Helen said...

I would be there in a minute if it was not for the distance. Looks like it was a GREAT Day!

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