Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Small Quilts for the Exhibition

Here are some of the small quilts which are part of my Houston Exhibition. These are all about 25in square or less and done in or as a result of my Textured Treasures workshop.

Rita Summers Odyssey
Sally Westcott - Poppies 

 These are from my Bicheno workshop - Sue Smith - Square in a Square

 Julie Robertson - Day in the Life
 Pam O'Hara - Glasgow Roses
 Sue King - Textured Circles
Pam King - Transisitions
 Helen Rhodes - Nautica Botanica (from the perth workshop)
 Pamela Troode - Poppies for Rememberance
 Marlene Wells - Forest Floor

I am so thrilled with these. I think they will make a perfect addition to the exhibition won't they?


Lindi said...

Absolutely! What a great exhibition this is going to be. :)

anniewh said...

Amazing work! You and your students have every reason to be very proud. Congratulations.

Mary-anne said...

Just the inspiration I needed to finish mine...

Judy said...


A beautiful group of quilts , I especially like Pamela Troode's "Poppies of Rememberance". They will make a great show in Houston along with your own.