Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My New Friend

Life is funny sometimes.

I am currently planning a trip to the Netherlands when I am in Europe for the European Patchwork Meeting in September.

Yesterday I was looking at my friend (and fellow SAQA Oceania Rep) Ali's blog and she mentioned Nienke in the Netherlands so I went (as you do) to her blog and after asking Google nicely to translate it for me I was entralled. We had so much in common so I wrote to her.

Well after many emails back and forth over the day we are now firm friends and it appears she has followed my blog for ages too. I was so pleased when she sent me a photo of my Aurora quilt that she had done a while ago after being inspired by mine. It's it gorgeous?

Here is her blog entry about it.

I now have a wonderful new friend in the Netherlands and we are already planning some interesting things for when I am there.

Isn't the internet a brilliant thing?


Maria said...

Hi Lisa,
Nienke's Aurora quilt is just stunning.
How nice to have make such a great friend online.

Sally Westcott said...

Awesome quilt! New on-line friends are special!

Nienke said...

Lisa, my new BFF ;-) thank you for sharing my sunset piece to the other side of the world. I am so glad that the internet makes this possible and look forward to meet you in Septembre in the Netherlands!!

ina said...

Hello Lisa, Nienke is a great BFF. Internet makes the world so much smaller.
Hope to meet you in September.

Aart said...

I hope to see you in the netherlands too, Nienke is also a friend of me and I follow her blog altimes.

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Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

How wonderful to make a friend so quickly, tha internet is such a great place, for sure.

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