Friday, February 17, 2012

Not my best effort

I have had another play with my stencils.
First I marked the fat quarter of hand dyed raw silk and then taped the stencil - this one is the Reims Cathedral from the Cathedral set.

I then painted it with Decolourant plus which I admit was over a year old but I found it a bit thick and gluggy and definitely the wrong choice for this project but I persevered.

Decolourant is supposed not to affect the hand of the fabric but this was on raw silk which has a rough texture so by the time there was enough on the fabric to show it was quite thick. It seemed to sit on the top of the fabric and definitely changed the hand of the fabric.
I let it dry completely as the directions specified and then ironed it but there was very little change. I could see a difference on the back but not a lot on the top.
I think I would have been better using a fabric paint.
 Anyway I had fun quilting it - first with a green and then purple
 I actually prefer the back
I think I will do another one with fabric paint on  a cotton hand dye and quilt it with a thread you can see,


Sally Westcott said...

Lisa, I love it! I can see it as a background (like ancient ruins - rose window) with something like a climbing rose growing through

Robbie said...

Silk is different to work with isn't it. Love the design!

Lindi said...

I agree with Sally! It may be a failure to you, but it has definite possibilities...