Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Times in New Zealand

We are having a great time in NZ with a combination of teaching and visiting friends and seeing the sights. Of course NZ is famous for its sheep population and even traffic is occasionally stopped for them.

Went to a really interesting sculpture garden Set on a few acres of landscaped grounds. They were having a competition for the most interesting mailbox and you post you vote in your favourite I liked the barb wire one but thought my mail would get a bit wet.
There are over 60 sculptures. Some interesting and some not do but that is always the case. Even a crossover into textiles.

My workshops are terrific fun too with these Fusion ones today proving to be really intriguing. When they are put together I think there are going to be some striking quilts put together tomorrow.


ena said...

frumusete si arta , ma bucur ca am gasit acest blog care-mi incanta sufletul. Felicitari!!!

Judy said...


You look like you're having fun, some lovely colour combos coming up.