Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Textured Treasures in Gatton

I am currently on a teaching tour in Queensland. Sometimes internet access is not all that easy so my blogging has been a bit sporadic.

I have just taught my Textured Treasures in Gatton which is a small town inland from Brisbane. It is near the areas which were flooded last year but I think Gatton was safe.

My workshop was actually funded by an Arts Grant which is a great way for small groups to get tutors. If you are in an isolated area why not look into getting a grant for a tutor too?

We spent the first day creating original fabrics from scratch using fabric paints, sun prints, stencils, hand carved stamps and other simple techniques. Although there are an absolute avalanche of surface design products out in the market now - I prefer to get started on the basics. I love to watch the change from those first tentative brush strokes on white fabric to a wonderful creative messy freedom. I give my students permission to PLAY and they really seem to enjoy it.
 These are some of the fabrics created on the first day
 On the second day we start cutting and pieceing the fabrics to create simple collages. Again - those nervous early free form cuts into the their precious new fabrics soon give way to a much more relaxed creative space.

 Many ladies finished their small quilt tops in the workshops

 We also had a beading session in the workshop along with discussions and samples of interesting free motion quilting inspirations so these quilts are all destined to be further embellished.
The group is having an exhibition later in the year and I am really looking forward to seeing the final quilts.


Carol Soderlund said...

Oh, they did some terrific work! Of course, they had a good teacher......

Judy said...


Some reallyinovative fabrics being made here and the end results in quilts cant fail to be beautiful, yo seem to have fun workshops.