Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fabrications In West Pinjarra

Another workshop on my little trip to Western Australia was at Wattle Moon Quilting where we did Fabrications.

This is a really fun workshop which I hadn't actually taught for a while but really love so I hope to do lots more again in the future.

The basis of this workshop is to create what I call Fantasy Fabrics which are fabrics made out of scraps of cloth, ribbons, yarns and general 'stuff'

The are held in place with a water soluble stabiliser and then stitch to death with decorative threads and stitches. It is a great way to practice your free motion sewing with no pressure and learn more about tension and free motion work and bobbin work.
 Stitched piece

Soaked in water to dissolve the stabiliser

Dried and now a gorgeous original piece of fabric 

The pieces created are usually works of art in themselves but then they are cut up and pieced into a quilt top or in the case of this lovely piece by Kathy - it is just going to be quilted and framed all by itself.

I love this workshop and hope you will too one day.


Wilma said...

These are fantastic - inspirational - I feel like getting my machine going right now.

girls bedroom furniture said...

Good wishes,
GOAAAASHHH!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!
Glorious article!
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