Thursday, July 19, 2012

Orvieto Window

I take photos wherever I go. I may not do anything with them for a while but then I will get the urge.
This little window grill appealed to me when I was last in Orvieto and now that I am getting ready to return there in September I felt the time was right.
I made a thermofax screen of the design after tweaking it a bit in Photoshop to get rid of the background glass. It was a bit right but once it was printed out I filled in some of the gaps with black pen.
Here is the screen
I painted the fabric in a few of the Sun Dye Paints - they were the perfect colours I wanted.
I started to print using Opulence Paints with the screen and was playing around with colours and level of dilution so it was a bit of a mess but then I realised I really liked the pattening on the fabric so I filled the piece randomly with prints.

I also did a few better ones with space around them to isolate them.

I also had some other stamps that I had made inspired by shapes in Orvieto so I stamped and rubbed some more fabrics in the same colourways.

Then I just started cutting them into random strips and played till I was happy with the layout.
Of course it changed as I stitched and grew a bit but I love the rich colours

Not sure how I am going to quilt it yet but maybe an overlay is needed. Will keep you posted.


kristi said...

Lisa, you captured the beautiful wrought iron door at the main entrance to our regal convent garden! It is stunning and your colors drip with Orvieto richness. Your students are going to have THE BEST time with such artful play as they join you in Italy this fall. Brava!!!

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Those are very pretty and impressive work of art. They're so attractive. Hope I can make just like these too. They look amazing.