Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SAQA Prize

I was thrilled recently to be told that I had won the prize as the top recruiter for SAQA - Studio Art Quilts Associates. I am the local co-rep for the Oceania Region and we are trying hard to encourage art quilters to join this wonderful organisation which offers so much for its members.

There was a great selection of prizes to select from but due to my inability to avail myself of some of the ones which sounded too good to be true like a backstage tour of the Metropolitan Museam of Art or time at Karey Bresenhan's retreat in Texas, I selected the selection of books from Lark.

What a treasure trove of inspiration I have to peruse. And as I already have some of these books I plan to have some giveaways for SAQA Oceania members in the near future. So if you are thinking of joining then now would be a great time. As a teacher I have also a code (LWW) which allows a 10% membership discount if used.

This is an ongoing promotion with lots of great prizes still available to choose from so if you are a SAQA member you should join in.

Check out the SAQA Website to see what we do.


ms lottie said...

Lucky you! I have a couple of those books and have read some from the library and they were fabulous. You'll have lots of fun reading. Can you tell us more about SAQA?

waikiki family vacation said...

Wow you almost collected all of them. It must have so much information in making such creations.