Saturday, December 1, 2012

Botanical Sun Prints

The other day I woke up to see my outside table covered in Jacaranda blossoms. 
They always look so lovely while they are still purple but quickly go brown and slimy but it gave me a thought.
So using three colours of my SunDye paints (violet, grape and fern)
 I painted a length of fabric and scattered blossoms all over it. It was a cloudy day with no wind but quite warm so the paint dried very quickly.

I was really pleased with the results so have spent the last few days doing some more.

Bamboo leaves
Curry Plant


Julie said...

Beautiful marks from your sun dyeing. The bamboo is very effective too.

Purly Wendy said...

These are just beautiful! Really so easy too!

alexia said...

Awsome and beautiful effect! I envy your summer down under, it's dead freezing in France!

ms lottie said...

Just lovely. Amazing how distinctive the marks are from the different plants. Raining here today so no sunprinting for me.

Judy said...

beautiful results Lisa.

Sue Andrus said...

So beautiful!! Makes me long for warm weather again so I can play with my paints, leaves, flowers, and more on fabric.... I guess I need patience since winter just "officially" arrived here in the NE US

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