Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Opulent Overlays

I have been working on some new workshops for next year and this is a sample for my Opulent Overlay Workshop.

I have always been attracted to intricate wrought iron work, gates and windows but unsure how to translate them into textiles as I don't really do appliqué.

I do take lots of photos but this design was taken from a copyright free image in a book of  Italian Tile Patterns.

I then transferred the design to the fabric, quilted and painted it with my Opulence Paints.
This involved a few different techniques and they are all worked through in my workshop.
I can't tell you everything here can I ?
When it was painted I decided it needed more around the rest of the fabric so I took the central motif and carved a small stamp of the shape.
Then I stamped all over using the original Opulence Paint and some shades of the Purple lightened with Sun Pearl.
Then I had fun quilting and this is the finished piece. I am quite pleased with it.


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Cathy Perlmutter said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to know how you manage to keep the paint within the lines! Love your work.