Friday, February 1, 2013


A few friends and I have been playing with our new product COLOURWEB.

These polyester spun webs come in three different styles and are absolutely fabulous used in all sorts of textile and papercraft projects. They can be cut, painted, stitched by hand or machine, fused, foiled, layered, woven, collaged, beaded or even used as stencils or textured stamps or rubbing plates.

My sample above was created by cutting the Colourweb into strips and then weaving them together and then fusing the whole piece to a hand dyed fabric. I then stitched simple crosses and running stitch (I'm not a very good hand stitcher) with some of my hand dyed threads.

Maggie cut circles to go with hand dyed cotton, she fused the Colourweb onto the fabric overlapping them and then quilted. Final embellishment with hand stitching. She used Vlisofix but we agreed that Misty Fuse would be better and easier to stitch through.
Erica used Sun Dye paints and the Paris stencil to create her background fabric (see her blog entry) and then cut out the shapes and just held them down with hand stitching.
They come in a rainbow of colours and I have cut and packed them into 10 different sets of 4 different webs each 28cm x 50cm.
I have a team of testers having a play with them now and will show you their results as they come back. I am very excited about the possibilities of this product.

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