Thursday, August 8, 2013

Edinburgh Festival

 We have been having a great time in Edinburgh while visiting our son before the wedding.

The Edinburgh Festival is on so the whole city is buzzing with people and colour.
One of the main venues is Udderbelly which is dominated but an upside down Purple Cow which hides a large stage. It's also a meeting place with lists of bars and food so always really noisy and fun.
Most of the shows are only an hour so no matter what time of the day or night it is - if you have a spare hour you can go and see a show. Yesterday we saw three. It's always a gamble but sometimes the ones you know nothing about are the best. Tuesday was half price day too so many shows offer a two for one bonus which makes it even better. Sometimes the choices are overwhelming.
Pick of the crop yesterday for me was Felicity Ward - an Australian who -even though the show was at 10pm - had so much energy and comic wit and it was fabulous.  David Baddiel was good too - talking about Fame and how he lives through it and under it at times. I didn't really know home very well so many of the jokes and people he talked about were unknown to me too.

We also spent quite a lot on tickets for the Faulty Towers Dining Experience which is set in a restaurant with a meal included. Sybil, Basi and Manuel (no Polly) run around doing all the gags you know and love. Was fun but a bit laboured.
I guess the Edinburgh Council need to be prepared for the influx of visitors.

 Of course being in Scotland, haggis remains the gourmet treat in all menus
and even 

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