Monday, November 25, 2013

Makers Faire

I know I haven't posted in forever but I have been travelling for months and Blogger and the Ipad aren't friends but now I am home I will really try to be more consistent.

Today we went to a Makers Faire at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. I thought it would me more craft type things but it was actually a Geek Fest. Nothing wrong with that - some of it was amazingly interesting. There was some handcraft work there but it definitely not as popular as the robots and stuff.

Of interest to me were the 3D printers. Quite a few tables had working ones with a range of things they made. Can't wait until these become a home essential.
These were all made with 3D Printers.
These Fractal Jewellery pieces were cast from 3d printed objects and were truly beautiful.

Linda Chee was displaying her beautiful naturally dyed fabrics. Some clothes, scarves, even knitted goods. Beautiful work and I was able to talk to her for a while about the process. Definitely on the TO DO list now I am not so pressured.
Also on interest was  a Robot and DInosaur group who apparently meet and work out how to use science to make weird things. They did have a wool spinner and carder but what really got my attention was the miniscule crochet. I am definitely going to check out this site called Woolly Thoughts.
So although not very textile related there were some really interesting things to look at and a worthwhile excursion.

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