Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Japanese Stencils

I bought some vintage stencils last year in Japan with a plan to stencil the designs on my hand dyed fabrics
This one seemed to have a great design so it was my first attempt

However - the action of stencilling with a small brush - my usual techniques took quite a while, used a fair bit of paint.
 I also felt like the circular motion I used had the potential to damage some of the edges of the stencil.
 While I liked the design, I feel it was probably more effort than it was worth so I decided to rethink

My decision was to scan the stencils and convert them to thermofax screens. This way I will be able to screen print the designs much more easily without damaging the vintage screens.
I'll post my results when they are done.


Charlotte Scott said...

That's a very clever way of dealing with them. I do like the pattern you're getting with that first stencil with the paint though. I wonder what technique the original Japanese artists would have used them?

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Brilliant, Lisa.

Beatrice said...

Hello, yes, I think scanning the stencil is a good idea! I've got one of those stencils too, from Japan. I had it framed with a contrasting paper at the back to show the design.