Sunday, September 3, 2006

Back in the Country

An opportunity to teach near my sister's home was all the excuse I needed to spend a couple of days in the fresh air near Canberra.
On the way we stopped at a house I remembered from last spring with it's daffodils in bloom and it was still a spectacular display

I left the blind open so was awoken early by the spectacular sunrise

Of course the kangaroos are still plentiful in the paddocks.

A great frustration when visiting my sister is going into this room in her house (only about 1/4 of it shown here) which cannot be used for anything except storage because of serious damage to the ceilings and walls. The house belongs to the government and will be demolished one day so there is no need to maintain it. This room is just crying out to be my studio with the enormous window looking out onto the paddocks below.

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catsmum said...

oh Lisa
What you could DO with that room!!
Just loved the photo of the house with the daffs. I'd love to have that effect but somehow I don't think it's likely here in Castlemaine!