Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Obsessions Run in the Family

I have, unjustly I feel, been accused of being obsessive with my bead collection. I would like to point out that I am not the only one in my family who could be considered obsessive.

My sister collects snow domes and this is just a fraction of her impressive collection. All have been collected in their place of origin by herself or friends or family. This shelf is one of many which she displays all around the house to give enjoyment and variety.

My bead collection is (practically) contained in a mere few drawers. OK maybe more than a few but still far less space than the average quilters stash.

These are just a fraction of my husband's book collection which (not obsessively of course) are all in alphabetical order and catalogued in a spreadsheet which he carries on his PDA.

Now I ask you - did I stand a chance??


Dy said...

Good to see you have put this into perspective Lisa. :-)
After that comparison your few little jars look positively lonely....

Caitlin said...

mwaaa haaaa haaa! Fight back by showing THEIR collections, good move! My beloved has many collections also; and my father has several vintage cars - no hope of ever being anything but pat racks, huh!

Elle said...

LOL! I love seeing the things that people collect. Everybody has SOMETHING, don't they?

philly said...

i think anyone who collects snowdomes would have to be a person of taste, charm, sophistication _ particularly taste.