Monday, September 18, 2006

Office Art

I want to thank Brenda Smith who has had the patience and perserverance to help me do my own bllog banner. She is a STAR!!

I always complain about the lack of inspiration in the office environment but today was proved wrong. This makeover was the result of well loved boss moving on and her staff took the opportunity of her being away for a few days to do something special to her office.

Everything was still functional but covered in aluminium foil - check out the keyboard.

It was the best thing I have seen in the office for a long time.

I also noticed a sculpture created with upturned leftover coffee mugs - it made my day.


Deb Geyer said...

Nice banner, Lisa!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Just when you think all is lost,

and LOVE the banner!

May the new boss be as well loved!

Cheers, Sarah

cfent said...

love the banner too., i tried to do that and managed to screw up more than i thought was humanly possible..
great fabric too!

Anonymous said...

foil covered keyboard - looks like one large block of cadbury's chocolate
Jenni Strachan