Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Rain has Gone

We have had the most wonderful few days of rain after months of nothing. My garden has responded with a daily explosion of bulbs which I had forgotton about.
Of course the opportunity to get some dyeing done could not be taken for granted either.

While it was raining I started a new quilt and wanted to use hand painted silks. Here are some of them. I am quite pleased with how they turned out and it gave me the opportunity to use some of the paints and stencils and other bits and pieces I have been hoarding.


Deb Geyer said...

Lisa, that is a wonderful photo with the fabrics hanging in the garden!

Anonymous said...

The silks look amazing


jenclair said...

I love the beauty of the fabrics on the line, too. A lovely twist on the clothes line with potential art instead of sheets and towels.

Diane said...

Your fabrics are great, but what I really love is the photo of your fabrics hanging in the yard. Such color and happiness in that shot! Makes you want to drape the yard with fabric and have a party!

Karen said...

the fabrics hanging out of doors reminds me of the quilt show in Sisters Oregon! All that color and the fluid movement in the breeze!
The blues are beautiful! what paints are you using for these?

Von said...

Lisa.... wow what great pieces... Im curious as to the technique you used for the one that has the circles.. how did you do that? care to share?