Sunday, October 22, 2006

Only in the USA

As an Australian I find some of the things in the USA a bit strange - no offence meant - just different to what I am used to. I will add more as I find them

This was stuck on a door to an apartment in San Francisco - not sure if I would like to live there

Not sure what a vole is but suspect you don't want them!

Interesting products in the supermarket - every home should have one of each

We aren't big on Halloween but I love these pumkin patches which proliferate everywhere in the month leading up to it.

Betty Boop waiting outside her restaurant in San Francisco


Anonymous said...

A vole is a little ratlike thing that eats plants. Unlike a mole which digs them up - well,usually accidentally in its never-ending search for the perfect insect dinner. So now you know! Clearly live-and-let-live is not the prevailing gardening philosophy!

Spooky about the chemicals. If they know they are there, why don't they fix the problem? Opps, pardon my naivete!

Loved Betty Boop...

Pennie & David said...

Betty Boop ooks like she has something up her skirt! Is it a real person in a costume or just a statue?? Hard to tell really.
Sounds like you're still having a great time, cheers Pennie

Sarah Ann Smith said...'ve already got voles..

As for San Francisco. There are some who don't think it is really part of the US! Personally, I love it (great for taking photos, sourdough bread and visiting, especially if you are rich). When they filmed Star Trek there, Leonard Nimoy (I think it was) said that it was the ONLY place on thep lanet where they could walk down the street in full Star Trek costumes and no one would give them a second glance.

Have you heard of Bay to Breakers? It is a race that runs (duh) from the Bay to the ocean. The really serious runners head out first. The rest is a parade...more like a Gay Pride day and drag parade in one. Some of the costumes are HILARIOUS..... and folks in the heartland of the US shudder and think Sodom and Gomorrah. We will not get futher into politics discussing what I think of those sorts of folks in the heartland... ahem!

And I'm obviously tired and babbling, so will spare you further drivel. For tonight anyway! Cheers, Sarah in Camden Maine and tir3ed