Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snippets from Tokyo

This kitten was probably rabid but he seemed confused by the transparent bear in the park

I assume that this restaurant sells pork but he looked so friendly.

The Japanese have their own version of slot machines called Pachinko. They don't pay out cash but small metal balls. If you look behind some of the players you will see the tubs of 'winnings'. They can then cash them in for useful items like toasters or bicycles. In the morning there are queues of pensioners waiting outside.

Another cutie


~Shelly.D.Jelly~ said...

wow...look at those metal balls! so many!..non-stop playing, i guess

interesting pix


MG Quilts said...

Guess it's universal the urge to play the pokies.

Have really enjoyed the pictures from your trip. Not the same as going myself, but not a bad 2nd choice.


Jenny said...

It is a worrying pig. Not just the two breasts (don't pigs usually have lots?) but the pinpoint of light between the legs - is it really what it looks like? How could anyone make something look so cute and cuddly and then serve it as food.


Robin said...

I just reat your whole blog, and enjoyed it very much ~ all the pictures of Tokyo, the quilts (especially the Korean style pojaji and the group food-theme quilts), and the examples of your dyed fabrics. WOW! I'll be back!