Friday, February 2, 2007

Drawing Class

I cannot draw - I cannot transfer an image from my eyes to a page. It frustrates me that no one ever taught me to draw in 6 years of high school art class. So I have finally done something about it and enrolled in a nine week evening class run by a local art store.
Lesson one was mainly about learning about the tools and charcoal and pencils. I now know the difference between H for hard and B for broad pencils and the difference between natural and compressed charcoal.

We also spent the best part of the lesson learning to measure with the pencil and squinting.
I think I will enjoy this class and may be brave enough to share my progress with you.

I am also curious about someone from Sassafras who seems to have been permanently on my blog for a couple of days. I hope it is something technical and not that you are hanging around waiting for something interesting to happen. You may be disappointed.

We have also been dyeing frantically for the upcoming Melbourne Quilt Show.


Anonymous said...

I would really like to see your progress. I cn't draw at all so will watch with interest to see if I need to be brave and have a go.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Gorgeous food, and hooray for the drawing will help SO MUCH. ASnother thing that really, REALLY helped me was "The New Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards and the companion workbook. You don't NEED the workbook, but it sure makes it easy for the lazy. When we lived on San Juan Island, there were no drawing classes, so self-study was the only option. Two friends heard I was going to do this, and asked to do it together... none of us were "bad" at the beginning, but we all improved amazingly by the end. We couldn't believe just following the book and doing the exercises helped that much.

Anyway, have a ball and keep us posted....

Sarah, who would love to be in the class with you!