Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Long Day

Pleasant flight this morning down to Melbourne and met by Peter at the airport followed by a painless drive into the Convention Centre. As organised our pallet was waiting for us in front of our booth. Always daunting being faced with 4 metres of blank wall and two tables and a pallet load of boxes.

We spent about an hour and a half pinning up quilts and then got told we were in the wrong spot. They had put our banner on the wrong wall. So we had to take it all down and put it up again next door.

Of course there is always chaos on the floor for hours

Suddenly it all seems to come together and we are quite pleased with it.

A drawcard at the AQC this year is the visit by Jenny Bowker and two of her special people from the Cairo souk. They are tent makers and have brought a collection of wonderful embroideries. I thought I would let them (and us) set up before I looked at them closely. I had seen some on Jenny's blog and was interested in purchasing one. Well I am glad that I popped over before we were finished. There had already been a rush on them and the ones I was interested in were already sold. Luckily there were still some left for me to buy so I am happy. This is Achmed the tentmaker and his nephew who is here to help and as he speaks English quite well he can explain and translate. I am hoping to spend more time looking over the next few days.


Dy said...

Great job on the display, it looks fantastic!

Helen said...

Thanks for the look at the booth being set up. When you have time could your please let me know what area a booth usually is? We are having our next club exhibition in April 2008 and last time we didn't allow enough room for our vendors. (Last time was the first time we had done a 'hung' exhibition so it was all new to us)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Lisa...the booth looks FABULOUS! And I enjoyed Rhonda's photos of the clothes line...I'd love to wake up to that color, too! Best of success, and talk to you when it's over...and I promise, I'll figure out iChat one of these days!

Cheers, Sarah

Carol Soderlund said...

What a gorgeous booth! Well done! I love the chance to see it. Hope the show is going wonderfully.