Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Countdown to AQC

All the boxes are shipped and the car is loaded with everything we have forgotton. I think every piece of fabric we have dyed in the last few months is about to arrive in Melbourne for the Australasian Quilt Convention AQC.

This is just some of the boxes mid way through packing.

Flying out in the morning and then the day will be spent setting up. This is always a fun time seeing the results of a lot of work come together. I think I will try and do a few photos of the setup depending on the chaos.

The difference in a small business like ours is that our main product - the fabric - is created from scratch by us. We have calculated that every piece of hand dyed fabric is handled at least 10 times
Measured , cut, presoaked , dyed , rinsed, washed , hung out to dry, brought inside, folded, cut, packed.

No wonder we are exhausted. Even the bead mixes have to be created like mixing a salad.

My friend Rhonda stayed a few weeks ago and we even roped her into folding fabrics. She posted some photos on her blog of our clothes line on an average day. She does amazing work and I am really lucky to have some of her pieces. I am gathering a rather nice collection of work by textile artists. I might show you some of them soon. They give me great pleasure daily.

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Helen said...

O wow, all that fetching and carrying. I hope you don't have to bring back as much as you took!!