Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not Vietnam

No I haven't jumped on a plane for a quick weekend away although you could think I have. We have a suburb in Sydney called Cabramatta which is now completely transformed into a Vietnamese enclave. Not only is there wonderful traditional food but they have many fabric stores just to prove that dressmaking is not a dying activity. I was after something special so a trip to Cabramatta was definitely required. Of course it had to be around lunchtime.
The fruit stalls were full of lychees and rabutans and dragon fruit which are plentiful in Asia but not all that common in downtown Sydney. I have not seen lychees sold but the bunch before.

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year and this is obviously celebrated with passion here too.

The tulips were remainders from Valentines Day (I was informed by the owner of the restaurant) and the watermelons part of the New Year celebration.


Helen said...

Just read on SC Quilters that you are going to have an exhibition. All the best!!

downunderdale said...

lisa - I am not in Wattleup but in Perth - I see you are having as much fun as me with your coutner


amy said...


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