Friday, April 20, 2007

Cleanup Time

Probably procrastinating, but I really couldn't find anywhere clear to work in my studio today so decided I needed more drawers. Also having my baby (21 year old) finally leave the nest recently leaving an empty room helped. We have moved some of the fabric tubs that get filled for shows and things into that room and so the time had come to get more organised.

This is just after the new drawers went in. I lashed out for the more expensive Elfa ones which are just so much stronger than the other taller ones which are Ikea.

Starting the sorting process. Two collections - one of silks and other fibres and one of my own hand dyes. The space in the centre was where I was sitting (for about two hours).

Now - with a new table top which fits - it looks al lot more inviting.

Even the other side looks better.

Now I better get down to some sewing don't you think.
I am exhausted but really pleased to have made the effort.


Brenda said...

You don't have to be a neat freak to appreciate the mental liberation offered by a clutter-free creative space (she says as she surveys her studio in a state of chaos!)

chris said...

hi Lisa, where did you get the table top for the Elfa baskets, as I have those and would like a table top for them.

Lisa Walton said...

Hi Chris - thanks for asking - we measured it up to the size we wanted and then went to hardware store and got a melamine covered sheet cut to size. It was only about $30 and is perfect.

Lorraine, Gilgandra said...

Hi Lisa,

Is it stable enough for cutting out on? I'm looking for a cutting table for my sewing room and was thinking of getting one purpose built. I really like the look of those baskets.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Glad to hear the comparison of Ikea to Elfa baskets.... There is a new Ikea in Boston area which I plan to visit in October when I do week 2 with Carol Soderlund. BUT, I have had the container store things and really like them (the Elfa)... I need better storage in my room. It is OK, but needs to be better....

Cheers, Sarah

margaret said...

A very inviting room - and truly an inspiration for doing "something" with my veryveryvery cluttered workspace.

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks for your nice comments.
The top is definitely stable enough for cutting (3/4" chipboard with melamine top & bottom)
You certainly get what you pay for. The Elfa were three times the price of the Ikea ones but so much more stable.
Yes it is inspiring - I started another quilt at 6am today.