Sunday, April 22, 2007

Workshop Results

Yesterday we had the second workshop for Breaking the Drought. I was so thrilled to see the results of the first class. Most of the day was spend learning and practicing machine quilting and everyone seemed really happy with their quilts.

Here are some of completed tops. There are some more to be completed and I think everyone really enjoyed the workshop.

They were all different but so great.





As a postscript - I just received this email which absolutely made my day.

As one of the members of your Saturday class at Peg's pieces, I wanted to tell you what an enjoyable class it was. All the 'girls' there said they had learnt so much in the way of new techniques, and I totally agree. Thanks Lisa for a great couple of days.

If you are interested in where I will be teaching this next please check my website.

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Anonymous said...

Hey now, that's the sign of a GREAT teacher - everyone got so much done and they all produced different quilt tops that they're happy with! Well done them - but more importantly, WELL DONE YOU!!!