Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Bangkok blog

I was too ill yesterday to post any final pics so here they are for those of you who have been following my travels.
It was very quiet in Soi 19 so a game of street cricket was in order for these Indian tailors. Guess no one felt like trying on a suit in 40 degree heat.

This is what the inside of a legitimate massage parlour looks like - not busy today though.

Family outing - look mum - no helmet

I am always impressed at how the buildings just keep growing

Last view of Bangkok - the long long walk to the departure gate at the new airport. Fairly impressive building in terms of size.

Hope you enjoyed these glimpses.


Steven said...

Makes me homesick for Bangkok. I have spent so much time there in the last two years. Nice photos. All the best! Steve

Helen said...

The motor bikes made me laugh (and cry?) when I was in Bangkok. Often 2 adults and 2 children on one bike!