Friday, June 22, 2007


I know I have been quiet - I have an excuse.

We have been preparing for the Sydney Quilt and Craft Show which is the biggest show in Australia and we have a stand (G26 for those planning a visit). The thing about hand dyed and painted fabrics is that it is not just like stocking a store by calling distributors and making lots of orders. We have worked out that we actually handle each piece of fabric at least 12 times. If they are then painted there is even more handling. Preparing for shows is fun but exhausting. Add to that the wonderful drought breaking rain we have had since we got back has created interesting additional problems to an activitiy that is primarily done outside.

Also, as well as working at the day job, I have been given the opportunity to convert a Diploma to a Degree. I did a Diploma of Technical Production at the National Institute of Dramatic Art 30 years ago and now I can convert it to a degree. Not sure why I need it but maybe it will open doors a little if I want to do something when I am older.....

Unfortunately the course I have to do has been every night this week - great timing but doesn't it always happen this way.

So you can see my life has been a little frantic. All will calm down (I hope) in about 10 days - if I survive. Regular communication will resume later.

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