Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quiet day

Yes there is such a thing as a bad massage - we just had one. The foot massage was ok but the head massage was anything but. More of a poke and a breast rub which was indeed very odd. My head is now very sore to touch. Maybe they had the second string team on today but it certainly wasn't overly pleasant. Tough I hear you say and you are probably right - too much of a good thing .

Anyway after the excitement of yesterday we have taken it easy today with only that one excursion except that Peter is out exploring again. He goes on long walks and finds interesting things to look at but it is all too hot for me today. I think a swim is on the cards.

Anyway - here are a couple of shots from the last few days.

Monks are treated very kindly here

You can even send them food parcels

This chicken was very tempting too.

I got some of these roses for my birthday

One more of the silk from yesterday - isn't it luscious


Nic Bridges said...

Your bad massage story makes the mind boggle!!!!! Silks look just gorgeous.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Ahhh, love all that silk Lisa!