Saturday, June 9, 2007

Birthday in Bangkok

First excursion of the day was to a Thai Craft Fair. These are held regularly with different villages bringing along crafts that they have made. It is a wonderful way to get income for small villages as well as developing new skills.
These were some baskets which would be fabulous at home but too big to get onboard the plane I fear.

These timber chairs were actually part of the Hotel display I think as there were no price tags on them but amazing organic shapes don't you think?

If you look closely - the colour in these bags is created by dyed silkworm pods.

Jim Thompson is credited with reviving the Thai silk trade and although he disappeared mysteriously many years ago his legacy lives on. His products are very expensive and elegant but there is a Factory outlet which is 5 floors of silk and cotton products. These are a selection of cushion covers in every colour of the rainbow.

Here are some of the racks of silk bolts. I bought some wonderful two colour silks and some amazing pleated silk.

As it was my birthday I also managed to fit in a facial and a wonderful Italian Dinner. Yes I know the Thai food is great here too but variety is always good.

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!! SOrry I didn't get an earlier message to you...meetings all day Saturday and teaching yesterday (a bust... there were supposed to be 10 students, plenty above my minimum... got there, and 3 showed up! The store owner was mightily miffed, too!)

Sounds like you're having fun, and still on the road. Heard there were big storms in Oz north of Sydney, so checked in to see about you...hope they were well North of your home,

Hugs, Sarah