Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Walk in the Gardens

A beautiful Sunday in Sydney and it was time to go for a walk in the Botanic Gardens. They are right on the edge of the Harbour next to the Opera House and certainly a perfect place for inspiration.

This was a display of Ikebana - the traditional art of flower arranging which had been assembled out of bamboo and palm husks. It was going to be pulled down at the end of the day. This is definitely a wonderful variation of the art form.

We weren't the only ones having a walk in the sunshine. We followed her to the lake and watched as the mother jumped in and then straight out. She then took her brood on another trek. Maybe it was too cold for the little ones.

The Botanic Gardens are having great trouble with the fruit bats who fill many of the trees. The smell warned you of their presence well before you see them.

This tree is so old that its trunk is hollow. They have had to fence it off in case of the branches drop on someone.

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

How totally cool... I LOVE that second photo... like wind ruffling cloth in the breeze, or sails or waves....

And the bats! I love bats! When we lived in Gabon, the Ambassador would have receptions from 6-8 pm, late enough in the day to avoid the heat, but not too late. And of course, since we were almost on top of the Equator, the sun set at 6:30. So every reception (these were "command performances," considered part of your work duties) we got to watch the fruit bats that lived in the trees by the Residence take flight.

We had a pool in the back yard there, with a light that stayed on 'til midnight. For abut 9 months we had a bat that would come every evening and swoop down and get a drink, circle 'round, and do it again. Loved to watch for him!

Cheers, sarah