Thursday, June 7, 2007

Where am I?

Ok - it's very hot, the smell of spices and motorbikes fill the air and I am just about to go and be pampered again.

You guessed it - Bangkok!

Here for a few days R&R before a frantic couple of months and am really enjoying the pampering and the food.

A few shots to tempt/torment/amuse you.

We went up the river this morning to Chinatown where I bought some plastic bags - yes I know it is a long way to come for plastic bags but they are really nice ones....

This is one of the old houses which line the river although they are fast being removed for condos and hotels.

Old makes way for new everywhere here!

Floor to ceiling plastic bags in every size you want ..and SOOOOO cheap!

That was pretty exhausting so lunch was next - here are two of the four dishes which were all very very delicious

To recover from lunch I had to go and have another foot massage - not a great shot but I felt a bit rude snapping all these sleeping people.

Shopping centres here are art forms - here are some sculptures

These seem to be made out of some form of construction paper & wires.

These are butterflies

OK - enough for now so off for a manicure and pedicure - saving the body scrub and facial for my birthday on Saturday.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Early Happy Birthday wishes, enjoy your R&R!

Nic Bridges said...

Sounds wonderful - glad to hear you are enjoying some well deserved pampering.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

You can have the heat, but I'd sure love to have a meal with you in Bangkok one of these lifetimes! Have fun, and happy b-day tomorrow (at least it is tomorrow from the vantagepoint of Maine.... yep, my clock says it isn't yet tomorrow in Sydney, so I'm guessing not in Bangkok yet, either.

Talk to you soon! Enjoy the indulgences, Sarah